You may think that hiring a business coach is admitting defeat, or implies that you don’t know what you’re doing.

After all, most people usually only turn to a personal trainer if they can’t get into shape on their own.

Surely your business is doing just fine – you don’t need someone else telling you how to run it.

But seeking a bit of guidance is not a sign of weakness, it’s actually a smart move.  Remember – knowledge is power. It pays not to assume you know everything.

Even the most successful entrepreneurs believe in the effectiveness of business coaching.  Former Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates presses the point – “We all need people to give us feedback.  That’s how we improve”.

Here is a sampling of how a coach can help you to improve your business:

Gain Clarity

Throughout your business journey, you are likely to face moments of uncertainty or feel that you have somehow plateaued.  You may have reached a few landmark achievements, but you’re floundering a bit in terms where your business is heading.

A business coach can approach your operations from an objective point of view and help you to see your business with fresh eyes.  This shift in perspective will spark new life into your original vision, and project a sharper image of how to move forward once again.

Head coach with StrategiQ Corporation, Terence Toh, reiterates that “a business coach is essentially a facilitator.  They facilitate clarity by asking the right questions to provoke awareness and perspective, and ultimately provide guidance where necessary.”

Remove the Overwhelm

It’s not uncommon for business owners to experience the pressure of constant stress and eventual burnout.  There are always more things to do and greater problems to fix. They find themselves buried under the weight of responsibility, often losing sight of the bigger picture.

Hiring a coach at this point provides the necessary tools to navigate through the clutter and white noise.  Their guidance offers a much-needed release valve by allowing you to step back and start breathing again. You will then be able to think clearly and operate at your best.

Make a Plan

Quite often a business emerges solely on the back of a great idea, without much foresight into where it’s going and how it will grow.  There is no structure or strategy in place for the future.

A solid business plan creates a framework for your daily operations, and a goal- setting blueprint for the years to come.  It covers the larger-scale issues, as well as the more routine procedures. A business coach will fast-track your progress by having the right systems in place, and steer you steadily towards the next milestone.

Toh adds, “They facilitate confidence by aligning the entrepreneurial vision with a strategic plan, and harness the tactical tools to realise that vision.”

Assess your strengths and weaknesses

Every company has its own unique set of strong points and shortcomings.  But management tends to be so immersed in the overall business operations; they can easily overlook or disregard the company’s weakest links.

A good coach helps you to recognise who or what is not performing at an optimal level, and aids in eliminating, or at least minimalising any chinks in the armour.

On the flipside, a coach also reveals the company’s strong suits and works with the business to use those elements to its advantage.

Resolve issues

In general, problems often get swept under the rug.  Out of sight, out of mind. If an ostrich does not want to face its impending threat, it merely buries its head in the sand.  Likewise, a management team may turn a blind eye to risks or concerns, hoping they’ll magically sort themselves out.

Of course, left too long – some issues can escalate to the point of disaster.

There’s a chance there may also be a lack of aptitude for conflict resolution within the company leadership.  Sometimes people just don’t know how to deal with a bad situation. A business coach acts as an unbiased party to help usher management to the problem and face up to it.  It’s better to tackle these things head on. A coach can help you find the courage to follow through.

Show you what you don’t know you know

Or to put it another way – a business owner quite often knows more than they think they do.  And a coach has the capacity to help them recognise certain skills or knowledge they already possess.

To facilitate this insight, Toh believes “a good coach promotes entrepreneurial freedom by challenging a business owner to think outside their existing paradigm, and consistently evolve their version of reality.”

Rest assured, a business coach will not endeavour to take over your business or make any final decisions for you.  On the contrary, they work with you to help you discover the best solutions for your company in line with your values and business acumen.

“Instead of asking how can I do this myself?” says Toh.  “A successful entrepreneur asks – who can help me realise my vision?”